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Operating Principle

1. Material is gravity-fed from hopper to empty pockets of the rotary feed wheel (feed bowl) below.

2. The rotary feed wheel, driven by a motor, rotates. The material-filled pocket is positioned under a compressed-air chamber.

3. Introduction of compressed air lifts the material out of the pocket and into the material outlet.

4. Dry material is conveyed in suspension through the hose to the gunite nozzle where water is introduced to the dry material.

REED Gunite Machines move a wide variety of granular materials by compressed air at various rates through a hose that can be hand-held. In order to balance the flow of these many types of materials to various feed rates, several interchangeable components are made available to do this work in the most effective way.

The total gunning system consists of Gunite Machine, water supply, air supply and material supply.



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