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REED was founded in 1957 by Frank Reed, inventor of the bowl-type gunite machine.
In 1966, John Shea, of the J.F.Shea Co., was introduced to the revolutionary "Guncrete" gunite machines.
REED Tunnelling Job Using REED Guncrete Machines

The units were so effective that Shea Construction used them for all the company's gunite and shotcrete work.
John was so enthusiastic about their performance that he began selling "Guncrete" units through one of Shea's distribution companies.

In 1970, Shea bought REED Manufacturing.

REED then expanded into Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps in the 1980's.

The 1990's saw the development of the first REED Boom Pumps and improvements to the original "Guncrete" Gunite Machines.

REED Boom Pump Mounting

REED has a state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Chino, California and a worldwide dealer network.

REED Pump Service

REED boom pumps, trailer pumps, and gunite machines are at work on jobsites all over the world.

REED Concrete Pumps and Guncrete Gunite Machines.
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REED - An Independent Member of the Shea Family of Companies
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