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Gunite Dry-Mix Shotcrete Spraying
Frank Reed invented the bowl-type Gunite Machine over fifty years ago. Today, REED is recognized as the leading manufacturer of high-quality Gunite Machines.

REED Gunite Machines can be configured for any gunite/dry-mix shotcrete application.

The LOVA model is primarily used for higher volume dry-mix gunite applications such as:
1. Swimming Pool Construction - VIDEO
2. Mine Support (sprayed concrete walls and ceilings) -Photos
3. Refractory Spraying
4. Concrete Repair (Bridge Repair, Infrastructure Repair, Etc)
5. Tunnel Construction
6. Parking Garage Repair and Concrete Building Repair
7. Underground Parking Garage Construction
8. Soil Nailing, Soil Retention and Retaining Walls
9. Rockscaping
10. Foam Panel Shotcrete Building Systems
11. Skateboard Park Construction
12. Zoo Construction
13. Slope Stabilization
14. Concrete Dome Construction
15. Straw Bale Construction
16. Concrete Wall Construction

The SOVA model is used primarily for lower volume dry-mix shotcrete applications such as:
1. Concrete Repair (Concrete Bridge Repair, Infrastructure Repair, Etc)
2. Artificial Rocks and Caves
3. Low-volume Refractory Spraying
4. Small Concrete Retaining Wall Construction
5. Refractory Material Patchwork - Refractory Lining
6. Rockscaping - Artistic/Low Volume
7. Artificial Rock Construction
8. Realistic 3-D Concrete dinosaurs, insects, animals, cartoon characters, etc

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